Why Scan Agile will be totally cool!

I am one of the organizers of 4th Scandinavian Agile conference – and therefore biased to say how awesome the event will be – but I can’t help myself. This is my personal interpretation and belief why Scan Agile 2012 will be an amazing event – and why you too should be there.

If you are coming to the event, I’d love to hear also your thoughts and interpretations about the subject too – either as comments or as own postings!

In short my reasons are:

  • Three important themes in one event
  • World class speakers and local talent
  • Diverse group of participants
  • Best afterparty and awesome community

Yes, this is definitely an awesome conference where I would go, even if I wasn’t an organizer!

Three important themes in one event

On conference webpage we write:” This year the focus of the conference is in Software Craftsmanship, Human Touch and Lean Startup. These three topics combined will provide a strong aid in daily work and help people to gain new energy and motivation to improve their work.”

Thinking behind these three these themes is interesting. Straight forward yet with so many interpretations and connotations that we could discuss what these ideas mean for few evenings.

Software Craftsmanship should be at the core of what we do for many of us. It is about the personal mastery, keeping humble attitude and always learning – improving the essential skills that help us write amazing software that produce world changing capabilities to our clients and make us proud of our work.

With the Human touch-theme we are moving into the complex world of human interactions, culture and leadership. What kind of models and ideas can we use to make sense of the world around us, and how can we function better as individual human beings as well as teams.

Lean startup movement has swept over the world and has also really relevant thoughts and ideas for the agile community. How do we figure out what is the product and who is the actual customer, how do we create value as efficiently as possible, how can we measure and validate our assumptions and learn fast — how to succeed with agile principles in real world with limited resources.

Together these three themes provide – I hope – fresh insights and ideas to participants, allowing people to reflect what they are doing and what they could do. My wish for the conference is that participants have time and energy to see presentations that are different from what they are used to see.

World class speakers and local talent

If you haven’t yet seen the awesome program of Scan Agile, see it here: http://scan-agile.org/program/

On the Software Craftsmanship track we have an award-winning author Dr. Venkat Subramaniam guiding us through refactoring, XING’s Daniel Knott talking about mobile application testing, Soundcloud’s Phil Calçado showing how to get better functional design through TDD and Daniel Temme will challenge participants to quit their jobs… And more.

On Human touch track we present one of the leading complexity thinkers Dave Snowden talking about complexity based approaches to project management, Kati Vilkki from NSN sharing her insights on creating continuous improvement culture and Laura Snellman-Junna from Reaktor helps us understand neuroscientific facts behind emotions – and how emotions affect our work… And more.

For startupish audiences we have Marc McNeill, author of Agile Experience Design-book, talking about how design and agile can effectively work together. We are extremely proud to also host Brant Cooper, whose book and thoughts on Customer development ( http://custdev.com/ ) are these days mandatory reading in many schools. Similarly we have excellent local speakers from Applifier and Flowdock sharing their thoughts… And more.

We are really thankful for having the opportunity to work with such a great local and international agile community – as we were privileged to get an amazing list of really interesting submissions as well as ideas for interesting people to invite to the conference. With this positive problem our team had to make hard decisions – and I am extremely happy with the end result.

Our team managed to get an excellent cast of speakers with interesting topics to come to Helsinki as a speaker and to share their thoughts and ideas with the community, keeping also a nice mix of well known international speakers and local talent.

As a matter of fact, we could have created an amazing conference with just local speakers – as we had so many great submissions. We will most likely try to organize another conference or conferences this year with these submissions, trying to keep at the same time costs as well as ticket prices down – a’la Tampere Goes Agile.

Diverse group of participants

No matter whether you are a scrum master, product owner, programmer, tester, interaction designer, lone soldier, team manager, coach, advertising executive or project manager — there is a lot in the program the program that can give you new insights and help you to improve your skills and thinking. And based on ticket sales, twitter messaging and comments elsewhere, many have felt the same.

Looking at the list of people who have registered into the conference, all the different companies, different industries and different job titles makes me extremely happy, as it shows that we are going to have an awesome crowd of diverse thinkers and doers collaborating, networking and sharing their thoughts with each other.

Even though the day will be long, I hope people will reseve some time to spend also time socializing in the after party.

Best afterparty and awesome community

Even though there is nothing yet ready or much planned for the afterparty, I already know it will be awesome because of the community and people who are coming to the event. As a participant of Agile Finland community and happenings, it is safe to say – that there will not be too many dull moments — but rather evenin will be filled with interesting discussions, insightful abuse of beverages and well choreographed dances that will defy the laws of physics.

If possible, do not miss the opportunity to hang around with your peers in relaxed atmosphere – in yet to be announced location.


I believe that Scan Agile will be awesome – and I have to say big thank you to everyone who has already helped to make Scan Agile 2012 what it will be.

Even though early bird pricing ended already, you can still register at https://holvi.com/shop/ScanAgile2012/.

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