For past week or so I’ve been spending some time watching Oz from DVD and enjoying the great writing and spectacular performances from top notch actors once again. I used to watch the show from TV ages ago, but not really followed the show after few seasons. It wasn’t for particular reason, except that it is way too complicated to follow up on a show with weekly schedule, bad tv scheduling and without a Tivo. On a DVD one can see the development of characters and storylines better – as well as see all sorts of problems or holes in the twists and turns.

As I have written previously, I’ve been a huge fan of HBO’s series The Wire and from moment to moment it seems that most of the cast of the Wire are having a role in the series. It is interesting to see great actors performing in totally different roles. Just like in the Wire – characters in Oz are strong and have all the shades of light and dark in them. They are put into situations where moral choices are not that clear cut anymore and spectators are forced to understand why characters behave like they do and feel small amounts of empathy also for some of the worst kind of evil human beings.

The Sopranos is another HBO series which have similar characteristics. It is not about the action, but about human interactions, complexity and drama of the everyday life of characters on the wrong side of the border of legality. Somehow I haven’t yet managed to invest time and money to acquire the whole Sopranos series on DVD – and to watch it. If I were to get it as a christmas present, I would know what to do during my vacation.

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