I finally got my Nomo jeans – and they do fit well

It took some time, but my Nomo jeans are finally here and they do feel quite good.

There were few problems, before I actually got them – but that can be expected with a startup I guess.

First the jeans did not arrive within the projected delivery frame, so I went to the store to get an update on the situation. They were a week or two late at that point so not that bad. At the shop the message was that they were in the country already, so delivery should be during the next week. And during the next week I got a note on Facebook – that they were finally packing my jeans for delivery.

Then it took almost two weeks before I finally called them again to ask whether the delivery person had got stuck in traffic or if Puotila was under siege and he was unable to get through the encirclement. Apparently Puotila was not under siege, but the courier was unable to reach us at home or get through my mobile phone. I honestly was surprised as I had been – and Satu had been – at home a lot — and my phone was always on, and I did not have unanswered calls. But my jeans were at the store.

I immediately jumped to the opportunity to pick them up the very next day from Kamppi and got them.

So the verdict?

They feel good.

They look good.

They are good.

The model is tighter than what I have got used to wearing, but also has a little bit of elastan in the fabric – making jeans also stretch a little bit, when you need to move your limbs more than normally. Suffice to say that they are much more comfortable than I thought such tight jeans ever could.

And putting my money where my mouth is: will I buy again?

Even though I have been trying to wear more suit with my fancy shoes, but still quite often my uniform is the traditional jeans, sneakers, hoodie and a jacket.

So, the answer is most definitely.

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