It’s my birthday – gonna get a new camera

What could be a better way to start your new day than by listening to Steel Panther’s Balls Out album – and then learning from an email that you have just won 500 euros gift card, because you wrote a kick ass product review and was lucky in a lottery? Sure there are better ways to start the day, but for the sake of this posting I argue that there aren’t.

I’ve been pondering for a long time updating my Canon 400D camera body, but been unable to make the decision between different Canon options.

5D Mark II has been the gold standard, but then again I’ve been considering myself so dirt poor sob that I really can’t afford such a luxury device – especially as these days the amount of photos I take with a DSLR is much smaller than I would previously have expected. I’d much rather spend the money on great wines and delicious gourmet experiences.

Canon 7D was the second pro camera body I thought about, but eventually decided that I could work also with lesser equipment as I noticed that 60D would not pale in comparison that much – especially as the price was from time to time significantly lower than the price of 7D.

Going lower – all the way down to the 600D model it became even harder to make the decision of purchasing the 60D as 600D has almost all the core features — and even though it is slower and has smaller buffer, at the core it is the same camera in terms of optics and image quality. Naturally the differences are huge in the usability and maneuverability, but for hobbyist like me who is longer looking into getting a break into the world of professional photography 600D could just as well be a rather great improvement.

So it has been a hard choice, but today it got a whole lot easier – as I got the email about the gift card. As I looked at the store’s prices, 600D was considerable cheaper than the 60D or 7D – so decision on whether to spend less than 200 euros own money, or spending more than 600 euros on top of the gift card was easier than before.

Canon 600D it is. Or will be. Unless I get regrets and want to go for the 7D.

Gosh! How can choosing the right camera body be this hard?

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