Updated my headphones to Bose Around Ear

I’ve been using Sennheiser HD-201 headphones for some time and been quite satisfied with them. However as Hifistudio in Helsinki had a discount on Bose Around Ear headphones – selling them for 79 euros per pair – I decided to buy one. Or actually three, as I got one also for my girlfriend and another for my friend Mikael.

As I tested them on my iPhone on the way home – I was already impressed. This has to be the most comfortable headphones I have ever owned. They just feel so good and soft. Sound quality is also astonishing – though I am not an audiophile. I read some reviews where some music engineers complained about Bose using technology that improves the sound on lower frequencies and make it better to consumers, but bad for audio professionals.

So far I can’t complain. As I listened some songs on my iMac I honestly found new frequencies and feelings in songs that I have liked, but haven’t found the same detail and effect previously while listening with my previous Sennheiser headphones.

And the comfort …. These things just feel so good.

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