Helsinki – after London, part 2

This is the second part of the public service announcement of how to survive the cultural shock as you transition from larger metropolitan back to Helsinki. Key on the second day is also to keep yourself busy and senses preoccupied with new experiences, just as if you were still in London.

You could for example start with a hotel breakfast.

After international breakfast it is good to start to walk those calories off by enjoying international shopping opportunities in the city center.

Kluuvi, Kamppi and Stockmann’s departmentstore provide amazing opportunities to entertain your mind – as well as lighten your wallet.

Among others we visited Nomo Jeans in Kamppi, just to see how Mukava’s new accessories sold there along made to measure jeans. Oh, did we also ask delivery status for my jeans.

At Stockmann we enjoyed latest men’s fashion as well as intended to enjoy tee and pastries – but the cafeteria was too noisy and busy, that we decided to go somewhere else.

In the sixth floor we cherished my inner child:

Boba Fett made out of legos and other Star Wars legos!

We were trying to find a good cafeteria with some available capacity – but task seemed rather hard. Almost every cafeteria was rather full and had long queues.

Luckily Fazer’s at Forum had some room for us.

Enjoying tee and sugary treat between shopping transactions gave some needed extra energy to continue.

Our itinerary had marked that after shopping spree our next target was Beatles musical in the city center.

Before the show we decided to enjoy small doses of sparkling wine at Kaarna Bar & Kitchen.

Theater was actually old / new night club – which these days work also as a part time music theater: Koitto.

Beatles forever music theater piece was not quite like being in West End – but it was fun nevertheless.

As the show ended – a dinnertime started in the theater. As we hadn’t booked a show & dinner package – but just had a show – we had the option to choose our own dinner option.

This time our options were cashed in at Ryan Thai, in Kaisaniemi.

Extremely good and just nicely spiced beef with chili. Not quite as hot as the vindaloo I ate in London, but extremely good.

After the dinner as we got back home and had the opportunity to relax with sparkling wine and chocolate it was nice to see that I hadn’t missed London or felt a bad cultural shock between these two cities. Therefore it is safe to say that all the efforts paid off nicely – and I was able to provide a working soft transition for myself from London to Helsinki.

Great success!

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