From London to Helsinki – part one

After spending a week in London it was time to return to Helsinki. How do you prevent yourself from getting depressed as you get back to the world’s smallest metropolitan from europe’s coolest metropolitan? This is not an authoritative guide, but worked well for me.

First of all, you could try to fly in business class.

Though the ticket looks almost the same as the normal, it gives you some nice privileges that might come be handy for you.

Access to lounge at the airport gives you some peace and tranquility in one of the busiest airports in the world, as well as drinks, snacks and possibility to refresh yourself up in shower. This in turn means that if you were a truly party animal, you could leave your luggage early on into the city, party on ’till the morning, get your bags and head on to the airport — without even going to any stinking hotel! In the lounge you could freshen up, as well as get some snacks and drinks to energize yourself before the flight!

While flying business you would get also little better food – as well as proper cutlery to eat your food with!

As well as new drinks..

… and some additional space.

In Finnair they give a complimentary empty seat next to you – guaranteeing sufficient space for you.

Better food, drinks and more space – equals more opportunities to just enjoy your trip and admire views.

After you have got yourself back to Helsinki, it is up to you to make sure that you keep your mind and senses busy – so that you don’t even realize you landed in much smaller city.

One good solution is to drive from the airport into somewhere where you can have interesting discussions for few hours. If it happens to be a work meeting and you are getting paid for it, even better!

Continue to have a proper dinner in the city center, for example in Demo or – like in this case – in Groteski.

Take a breath of fresh air – by walking in brisk Helsinki air for few minutes – and then get back inside to enjoy few drinks with friends.

For example Glo hotel has a quite decent bar.

Drinking just champagne can be quite boring – so do keep sure that you get also something sweet to go with it. Against the Glo is conveniently located Karl Fazer’s cafeteria and chocolateria.

Eventually it will be a good idea to start heading back home — and finish the evening off with something good.

Cheese, fruit and cracker plate – served with nicely chilled bottle of:

If everything goes as planned – you should be ready to sleep with a smile.

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