Best of Finland – Klaus K breakfast

Last sunday was a really nice day.

First of all we got to meet two wonderful and kind new friends, Gary Metcalf and Teresa Daniel, and show them something about Helsinki.

Then – like mentioned in the previous post – we (almost) has three breakfasts in one day.

The first breakfast – as well as the only real breakfast – was Klaus K’s Best of Finland breakfast, which is exactly what the name says. At Klaus K you have the opportunity to sample amazingly good and quite locally produced goods as much as your heart desires.

These simple mobile phone images do not do justice to the taste of the food. Safe to say that one participants at the breakfast has not stopped mentioning how good the porridge tasted, where as I can’t get over how good the natural yogurt tasted with different kinds of fruits. Similarly jams they served were worth a special mentioning.

Visiting Klaus K’s Best of Finland breakfast is definitely something that stays in the todo list as a permanent item.

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