Wine tasting experiences: wine tasting at Vinoteekki

In the past few weeks we have had really nice opportunities to get acquainted with new wines we would otherwise not have tasted.

Yesterday we participated wine tasting at Vinteekki’s facilities in an event organized by Ilkka and Sanna Siissalo from Espoo City Lion’s club. Though we are not members of the lion’s club, this was our second time participating in their wine tasting events. This time they had selected windes from Greece and Portugal to be tested and tasted.

Event was also their event for the Comic Relief Red Nose day – which is the reason why all of us wore in a way or another a red nose.

As with any good tasting event Ilkka and Sanna had done a great job collecting information about those countries in general as wine producers and told us about different grapes and variants each district produces. Every single time you start to think that you already know something about wines, it is good to come together with people who really do know something, and realize that there is still a long way to go and learn.

Tasting happened in two batches, first tasting wines from Greece and the from Portugal.

Selection of cheeses, fruits, chocolate, olive oil, salt and bread was reserved to be enjoyed alongside the wines.

It was actually almost a shock how much the taste varied depending on what you had previously in your mouth. Especially greek wines proved to be susceptible to taste differently depending on the type of cheese or fruit you had at the same time.

From the event we actually found at least one new friend, we need to meet again:

Carmim Alicante Bouschet stood taller than any other wine in the two groups and held it’s taste enjoyably. It would be fun to try this with some of our favorite red wines at home and see how it stands against them.

We also got to see a small tour around the cellar, where partners of the cellar can store their wines.

Facilities were great, providing constant temperature and humidity for your precious wines.

However my heart almost cried, when I saw what kind of wines were stored – were waiting for proper time to be enjoyed.

Naturally most of the cabins were properly locked and secured to keep precious wines safe.

Similarly the whole facility was secured well, having decent doors and electronic monitoring systems making sure that non authorized access is not given to the cellar.

It surely would be a sad day for many wine lovers if something would happen to those wines.

Some day it would be nice to have as good collections of wines at home, as some pople had there in the cellar.

But then again like I said. We still have a long way to go and learn.

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  1. It was nice to have you there. Thanks 🙂


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