Wine tasting experiences: Wine exhibition

I am not a big fan of big exhibitions at the Helsinki Exhibition center, but this is one of the exceptions.

Love of wine, food, fine art, music and books gathered thousands of people into the exhibition center and proved to be a quite enjoyable exhibition. Our focus was just the wine and food sections, but had we come earlier – we would / could have spent some time also in other areas.

Though the wine tasting area was not huge, there were most of the important importers present – showing off their wines to consumers and offering chances to try out wines with tasting coupons. One coupon was 2,50 euros and normally you would get a decent tasting portion with one coupon. Exceptions were champagnes, which required often two or three coupons.

So we did try few champagnes.

G. H. Mumm brut and rose. Both were ok, but nothing that we would definitely want to buy home. At least with Alko’s prices.

Blondel Premier Cru was quite good champagne in the price category below 30 euros per bottle. Definitely something we could try at home too.

Moet Grand Vintage Rose.

Definitely a good wine, but the taste of the wine was lost in just tasting it alone. I would have loved to taste it with small appetizers into a 7 course meal – or something similar. Did not blow our minds now, but definitely left the taste that these are much more interesting wines than the regular bruts or roses.

Might not try again with the Alko price ticket, but while traveling – who knows.

A definitive buy signal was given to a fresh cuvee from Lindeman’s.

For less than 10 euros per bottle this is a steal.

We also tasted Mont-Marchal Cava, but unfortunately they had only semi seco available there. Brut is said to be really good.

So on our todo list we have to buy one bottle of Mont-Marcal Cava Brut Reserva from Alko, and then possibly buy a case of it – if it is good.

Moutardier champagne was a new acquaintance – and seemed to be so good value for money that we decided to order a case immediately we got home.

Alko has kept a quite tight lid on allowing cheaper – good value for money – champagnes into it’s shelves, so these were ordered from Estonia. Going to open one of the bottles today – and see whether it tastes as good as it did in the exhibition.

Other interesting wines we tasted were among others:

Nice riesling from Chile. I had used to think that good rieslings come only from Germany, but was wrong.

I had the misconception that Italian’s don’t make full tasting red wines that would suit my tastes. I was wrong.

Museum was a tip from a friend – and at the exhibition we could confirm the tip to be valuable. Good wine for socializing with friends.

Same importer also had a really good chardonnay ’L’ to be tasted. Though I am more of a riesling fan, L tasted really good and could fit extremely well with fish.

The most insane and unexpected taste experience was this:

It is not wine. It is beer.

Inedit. I am not going to say anything about else about it but that El Bulli’s sommelier team was participating in creating it. Do check it out:

Monastrell grapes were almost unknown to us, but Hecula proved to be once again exceptional value for money red wine that suited our tastes.

Nederburg Edelrood from South Africa went also to our shopping list.

As well as Slent Pinotage Shiraz.

Actually we ordered a case of it already.

Other interesting tastes we sampled at the exhibition were among others chili candies, different kinds oc chocolates and coffees – as well as cider concentrates to be used with carbonating machines like Sodastream.

It was also fun to see that even though I am not a coffee drinker, I could really enjoy espresso.

Had I need to new caffeine distribution systems besides Pepsi max – I could seriously see myself using these modern espresso machines, which produce good quality coffee products in reliable and homogenous fashion. For 30 to 70 cents per a hit I could enjoy espresso cup at home or at the office. Not bad.

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