Disappointing keynotes in JavaOne

I spent hours of my time on monday and on tuesday to see JavaOne keynotes live.

Shouldn’t have.

I have loved to see webcasts from Adobe’s events, even Oracle’s own events where Ellison himself has presented their new products, offering and ideas – but these JavaOne keynotes where mostly just waste of time: not entertaining nor really informative.

Monday keynote was supposed to be technical keynote, but felt more like managerial circlejerk concentrating more on getting partners on stage and letting everyone repeat how great they are and how big Java is.

Announcement of Java FX 2 was a huge letdown too. It is a start, but still feels like early days for JavaFX to get at all interested — especially as competitors have better products to build client applications. One could get interested about Java FX 2 if you are 100% totally locked in on just java platform, otherwise you would keep options open and keep and eye on what for example Adobe keeps doing and how Google creates really interesting tools for building web UIs with java.

What really bugged me in JavaFX presentations were that they did not give me any reason for me to get excited or interested about JavaFX. They did not show how you could build great looking enterprise applications with JavaFX, did not show components that would make your life so much easier – nor application frameworks for building larger applications without turning your code into a pile of spaghetti. But they did show a game running on multiple mobile devices, including iOS… painfully slowly.

Adobe has Flex-framework which has all these covered and a healthy ecosystem to top it off. Google GWT allows you to build great web applications with complex UIs. Additionally providers like Sencha with their Ext GWT have great components and additional tools build on top of GWT. On mobile front Adobe just purchased makers of PhoneGap, one of the best javascript frameworks for crossplatform mobile development.

On monday’s schedule an interesting presentation was from – if I remember correctly – Mark Reinhold’s presentation about java platform changes. It was informative overview on interesting subjects – and I would have liked to see other presentations to stay on the same level.

On tuesday I was rather interested to hear what Cameron Purdy would be talking about, but interestingly Juniper Networks’ keynote was the most interesting one and everything else was just the same old same old.. and repetitions from the monday sessions.

Honestly I was not that impressed on platform as a service announcements and developments on JEE, but I’ll have to keep my eye on them for the future reference. I have my doubts on, but it would be interesting to see PaaS standards in java domain – especially if providers would successfully implement them. But that will be a new day.

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