Memory is all you need

It is funny to see how much technology progresses. These days you can get huge amounts of memory to your computer for peanuts. I just updated my iMac ( late 2009 model ) to use the full 16 gigabytes of memory possible to use on this Intel i5 machine.

Being able to run virtual machines, large heaps and numerous different programs at the same time is a huge productivity boost – and these days 8 gigabytes already proved to be too little. With the 16 gigs I should be able to continue enjoy and be productive on this iMac for years to come. And the cost was just a little over hundred euros.

If I’d be using more standard pc-hardware, I’d be looking to upgrade my motherboard and processor soon. Mikael Gueck has been keeping an eye on some interesting aspects of consumer hardware development – and we both are now waiting for Intel X79 chipsets and the possibility to build for yourself a truly monster development and server machines with consumer hardware ( ). Some years ago the idea of getting 64 gigabytes of memory into your machine meant digging really deep into your pockets. Just check out Dell workstations and the pricing there. Select a Dell™ Precision™ T7500 Linux-machine and add some memory if you have stomach.

Kingston already showcased how to run 64 gigs on X79-board ( ) with 8 8GB chips. Even though no pricing information is yet available one can expect these boards and chips to reach the same price level as current generation X58-motherboards and 4GB chips. Today I could get a really good Intel i7 processor based development machine with X58-motherboard and full 24 gigabytes of memory ( 6 * 4gigabytes ) with less than one thousand euros. Highly impressive amount of computing power for practically peanuts!

In memory computing, here we come!

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