Tailormade jeans

After making some buzz in fashion blogs and on social media, I decided to check out the Nomo store and order a pair of tailor made jeans for myself.

The process was quite straight forward in the store.

First select the most suitable model from the selection. Examples are laid out on mannequin dolls – showing different cuts from the slim ones to more loose ones. I’m not going to be able to wear any slim jeans and look good, so my selected model was ’Urban cowboy’.

After selecting the model, one has to choose color for the fabric. I have a tendency not to wear blue jeans, so I chose grey fabric ( Nomo Grey ) with some wear effects in the fabric coloring. Apparently they will have more effects coming to the selection in the future – so for now you got to wear & tear your holes to your jeans on your own.

Numerous different details can be customized in the process, including what color of stitches will be used, where will double stitched seams be places, what kind of fabric will be used in pockets, will the waist line be high or low, will the belt loops be normal or wide, zipper or buttons — and so on. Even with just few variables to choose from the buying process takes some effort – especially if you are not familiar with what the different options actually mean.

Last phase in the process is to stripping down to your undies and going to a body scanner, which takes measurements to be used in the tailoring process. In about one minute the scanning process is ready, and you can get dressed up again – as well as pay for your purchases. Interesting fact about the scanning process is that it does not work if you have black underwear. Therefore they will loan extra underwear to be used on top of your own undies – if you happen to wear black that day.

It will take ’till November 11th to get my jeans, but as soon as I get them – I will blog about ’em again.

Read more and get yourself a pair from Nomo Jeans Kamppi-store: http://www.nomojeans.com/

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  1. Nina Brunberg sanoo:

    Did you ge them in time and was the quality & tailoring worth the price and effort?

    • huima sanoo:

      Unfortunately not yet, but I have got message that they are in Finland already — but in the custom. So most likely next week I’ll get my jeans.

      It is quite understandable that kicking up such logistics and getting everything to work ok can be an effort for a new company, so I am not that much surprised that there are few weeks of delay. However I would have liked the experience to be that everything would have just worked – and product would have arrived to my doorsteps week earlier rather than late.

      That was my experience with Left Shoe Company-products.

  2. huima sanoo:

    Tomorrow is the expected day when I can pick up them from Kamppi store -a s their courier service totally has fucked up things and were not able to deliver, but somehow did not either get a connection through phone either.


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