Write code like the person who will read it knows where you live

It is such a shame that more people do not have friends like Mikael Gueck. I’ve worked with him for years and learned to appreciate the fact that the next person reading my code might be a maniac and know where do I live. And even though he might not be a maniac, he could be Mikael – and he would let me hear about the crap I write for a long time. Not by just insulting my intelligence, but rather using reverse psychology and asking in disappointed tone on how something like this could go through. And whenever I write code I have an image of Mikael in my head.

Therefore it is such a shame that others do not know Mikael.

The world is filled with open source projects where unnecessary long methods, complex program flow, cryptic variables, interesting design choices and otherwise nicely obfuscated code make my and other people’s life unnecessary hard.

We need more guys like Mikael. Everyone should have Mikael as a friend.

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