Still some time to enjoy the sun and barbecue

Even though it seems that summer is almost over, we decided to invite a friend over and still have at least one barbeque evening outside our apartment – in the shared garden / yard. It had been extremely hot day for late August, so we were in exceptionally good mood.

Fire started quickly and in almost no time..

We were ready to throw something into the grill.

This time we opted for chicken breast filet with herbs and spices rubbed on the surface.

Add some time in the grill to create and maintain sufficient levels of carcinogens and taste.

Set up the table nicely …

And serve with some potatoes and salad, as well as smoked fish ( not in the picture ).

Appreciate also good taste in drinks and in company.

For desserts we wanted to something dead simple.

Chocolate-banana-splits with ice cream.

Finally we managed to empty the freezer of these half empty Ben & Jerry boxes!

Like I have said previously, this small barbecue grill was the best 10 euro investment we ever made. We are so blessed to be able to enjoy life like this and share those moments with friends.

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