Helmi is a pearl in Helsinki

Restaurant Helmi is a rather decent restaurant in Helsinki, and we have visited there for few times in the past and again during this week. Unexpectedly the restaurant was quite packed and because of a technical glitch in the computer we had to wait for our food for rather good time, but as soon as the situation was noticed waiters made up for the mistakes and the evening was really pleasant.

As starters we took:

FINLAND vs. JAPAN 2011 –
slightly smoked salmon sashimi, raw spiced whitefish maki, vegetable temaki

I was really positively surprised as the combination of traditional finnish fishes made to sushi worked really well.

TAPAS á la HELMI seemed to taste good to Satu, even though she is normally not fond of different kinds of sausages.

Main courses were:

Roasted duck breast with dark currant sauce and caulflower puré.

Butter fried pike with netle & shallot puré, potato & dill stew

As always the dishes looked great, but did taste even better.

I haven’t been such a fan of duck breast in the past – but somehow seem to like it now more.

For desserts we chose to indulge ourselves with chocolate cakes and cups of great tea.

If there is something to be said about the Helmi – it is that they do their best not to disappoint you. Service has always been really good and friendly – and food has been really good. They do not aim into the level of trying to offer something exceptional, but do offer great experiences for a reasonable budget.

On our todo-list we have still two visits to Helmi before the November as we are looking forward seeing their new menu, which should change in almost any day now.

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