Ars ’11 in Kiasma

I’d like to say that Ars’11 was an interesting exhibition and I got good experiences and ideas from there, but unfortunately it did not really work for me.

Could be that we went there in a little bad time as we had a timeboxed to see the exhibition before we go to dinner in Helmi – and unexpectedly the timebox got smaller as we had to go to a store to replace broken shoes. Could be that I did not give enough time and effort to the works of art – especially as we did not participate in an audience tour to hear proper back stories to all the pieces in the exhibition.

But even with my limited western cultural education and background some pieces were really good and thought provoking, especially numerous photographs made by originally african artists. Multimedia and video works were so and so – as we are used to better production value and image quality as consumers. Seeing grainy video image of a performance where white guy is dressed in drag ( stayup socks, stripper high heels , large wings etc. ) while police is tearing down slum shacks outside Capetown in the background is not .. well.. how should I say… mind blowing.

Some artworks had more documentary and descriptive approach to telling stories from Africa – and were therefore more interesting and more touching. However one must ask where is the line between a good or bad documentary and art? If you do poor documentary film, can you call it art and get it into exhibition?

With Veikkaus-card you can get 2 for the price of one into Kiasma every Wednesday. Had we paid the full price for the exhibition per person I would have been disappointed, now I just feel that I can cross the exhibition from my todo-list and have quite ambivalent feelings towards it. It wasn’t that bad nor was it that good either. I could have lived without seeing it.

Looking forward our upcoming visits to Emma and Kumu for something more interesting.

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