Regular weekend day in southern Finland

City life is great, but sometimes you need to see something different.

From time to time it is great to be able to eat outside and have a lunch with a great view to the sea.

While outside, everything tastes better.

Especially after you have had the pleasure of spending time in a proper wooden sauna..

.. and refreshed yourself in the water.

And if you get cold, you can warm yourself with a sip of water of life.

As you know that sooner than later it is time to eat again.

The last picture is my experiment. Chocolatcake, vanilla icecream and blueberry pie. Loved it!

It seems that every time we go to meet Satu’s parents, we end up just eating the whole weekend.

Perfect end for the weekend was a relaxing few hours at the Flamingo Spa – in the Spa & Wellness section, which houses two different comfortable pools ( mineral water pool and 38 degree warm pool ) as well as numerous different saunas. They also have a nice little restaurant and a bar at the Spa, so I registered my credit card at the cashier to my electronic key – so that I could pay my purchases there.

These keys double as a key to the locks in the dressing room, access keys into the water park & Spa – as well as credit card, if you have registered your card beforehand. Nice.

At the bar they were selling Moët & Chandon champagne for 9 euros per glass, which was quite reasonable price. Unfortunately they do not sell champagne that much, which meant that the glass I got from an old bottle had lost almost all the bubbles as well as the taste. As I politely asked when was the bottle opened, the person behind the counter didn’t actually know when it was opened, but gladly opened a new bottle and poured me a new glass – which tasted like it should. I kinda felt bad for them later on for having to open a new bottle, and would have purchased another glass or two – but unfortunately the bar had closed down before the spa. What a waste.

After soaking in the hot water, saunas and steam baths for few hours we decided it is time to eat again – and headed out to the restaurant area of Flamingo entertainment complex.

Parilla Steak house does not offer culinary delicacies, but they do offer meat… prepared on a grill with various kinds of flavors, and that they do quite well.

As we finally got home we could easily agree that at least this was different. We had eaten three weeks worth of calories, laughed for one life’s worth, bathed and been in sauna more than twice the legal limit… So life was good.

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