Oh Nokia how I hate thee or my god how cool N9 is!

I saw Nokia N9 in the wild and it was great. It felt great in my hand, it was snappy and responsive – it had great display, it would have fit in my pocket nicely — except the owner guarded this gem with his life.

Screw you Nokia.

You killed N900 – the best phone / computer device you ever built. It wasn’t a consumer device, but it was great.

You aborted N9 – even before the birth. And even though consumers have expressed great desire towards the yet unreleased product, you are saying you can’t have it. But luckily it will be sold in Kazakstan! Either guys are actively trying to kill N9 or someone has been taking business lessons from South Park episode Cartmanland ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cartmanland ).

I know it is about the ecosystems and babble about losing few battles to win the war, but I have to ask is it good to win the war on the dark side?

I would have wanted to see N9 to be a success – as I honestly don’t know what device to get when my beloved N900 says bye bye.

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