Different kinds of midsummer festivities

It is a big shame to get sick just before the major milestone in finnish summer tradition, midsummer festivities. Normally we would be hanging out in an island at a cottage with friends, laughing, eating, running between the sea and sauna – and generally having a jolly good time while saving the world at the same time in our deep and insightful discussions. This time we had to opt to stay in the city because of sickness – hence different kinds of festivities this time.

During midsummer festivities the city seems like post apocalyptical place with almost every place closed and mostly tourists walking around.

We decided to blend into the groups of zombies .. err tourists .. and go on a cruise. Even though weather looked a bit gloomy.

However as we had faith in finnish meteorological institute, we trusted that the weather would gradually improve as we got to the archipelago.

Just few minutes out from the city of Helsinki and you are…

At the sea.

Modern cruise ships cater also quite decent buffet lunches / dinners, which provide you something to do while sightseeing archipelago.

For 12 euros per person this lunch buffet was more than reasonably priced, especially considering all the views.

Without taking the sea view of Helsinki, one forgets quite quickly how close and how important the sea is to Helsinki. Earthbound mortals like us feel joy and awe in our hearts, when we get to see and sail coasts of Helsinki.

After the sightseeing it is always interesting to get back to the zombie apocalypse.

See how vacant the place feels, compared to for example this:

Or what about the cathedral:

Interesting thing we noticed as we passed by the tourist bureau:

Terrace tables had a map of Helsinki.

As I previously said, only few places were open – and naturally we had to pop into one souvenir shop – just to see what kind of things are sold to foreigners as souvenirs.

Yep. Classic! I have these same glasses at home too!

After few hours at the sea and quick twirl around the city, it felt great to head back home and enjoy evening sun on the balcony.

Naturally we had to have also refreshments.

… so that we could say to ourselves…

… that life is good, even though we missed out on our traditional festivities this year.

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