Grocery shopping while commuting in Korea

Had to smile when I saw this small marketing video by Tesco about their innovation in South Korea with their Home Plus brand.

Really innovative engineering of customers’ shopping experience, providing convenience and changing waiting time into shopping time. There wasn’t any mentioning about prices, but if prices were at similar level as at local supermarkets – then this service would be a kick ass + killer service.

I’ve been looking for good online grocery-shopping and delivery in Finland for years – but so far no one has produced the service at a reasonable pricepoint. Those few services that exist have a premium in the product prices AND a more than a reasonable delivery fee – so for a consumer it is a double whammy.

As our household does not own a car, carrying large amounts of food and other necessities can be a drag, but current shopping services do not provide enough value for us to actually switch our shopping patterns to online, especially as delivery fees would allow us to take a taxi from the supermarket back home — and even still save money, as supermarket prices are so much cheaper than online prices.

Current services of Gastronautti + HOK ( ) and ( ) are nice, but I’d really welcome someone to drastically improve the value proposition of these services. I could accept either higher prices without delivery fee, or a delivery fee and prices of our local Prisma supermarket — but accepting both seems overkill. Especially as the delivery fee of almost 20 euros is much larger than deliveryfee of our local pizzerias.

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  1. David Ing sanoo:

    @huima This video of billboard size displays for grocery shopping with a mobile phone at Home Plus in South Korea really does achieve their goal of increasing sales without increasing the number of stores. The immediate home delivery might not work in all geographies, but the subway platforms have a lot more room around them than having to crowd into a physical store.

  2. huima sanoo:

    Definitely so.

    They did a good job in identifying what are moments of truth or breakpoints customers had in the buying process and did their best to eliminate them. Immediate delivery is clearly something which works well in really densely populated areas -but I do hope that someone would figure out how to make it work also here in Helsinki area.


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