Seth Godin is something

I’ve been following Seth Godin for years – and even though not everything he says is filled with golden nuggets, you got to say that he is a master in taking interesting ideas from somewhere — and raising questions and keeping momentum going on on them.

And that is something to admire. He is not afraid to jump into new things and try to make something out of them.

The Dip is a semi interesting book about quitting, basically rambling around the idea that one has to know when you are in a dead end job/project and should quit — and when instead you are doing something where you could be the best in the world, and have to just stick in it and keep on going to get over the rut.

The good thing is that The Dip is a short book and really quick read. You could give it to your colleagues or friends, if they feel miserable – and help them get inspired and figure out what to do in their lives. It just could be the push they need.

Tribes on the other hand seems much more interesting and refreshing – as it discusses in engaging and easy to understand way the problems of how people organize themselves and create artificial management structures and boundaries, which are not natural to how people get motivated, see themselves and behave. Though it is not groundbreaking book, it is refreshingly simple and fun to read – which makes it just a perfect gift to someone who need their ideas and thoughts woken or shaken up.

Seth Godin is a perfect marketer, who makes things look and feel simple – even though reality might be much more complex. By making things clear and simple, he allows us to get excited and believe in change — and that is an increasingly valuable talent in the complex world.

If you haven’t been reading Seth Godin’s blog and his books, please do. They are fun to read – and among those entertaining chapters you might actually find also something to think too.

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