On the beach – reading and refreshing

I love summer as it gives me time to catch up on long due reading up on books and magazines in great weather and company.

Today I was enjoying the lastest edition of Bloomberg Businessweek, Adaptive Enterprise by Stephan Hackel – and refreshing apple cider by Somersby.

Life is good.

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  1. David Ing sanoo:

    @huima There’s an irony in your reading Adaptive Enterprise while drinking a cider. At the IBM Advanced Institute in Palisades, NY, where Steve Haeckel worked (and I was assigned for some years), the facility used to have top chefs (fast track training before going on to the Marriott Marquis in NYC), but the rules originally set by Thomas Watson, Jr. meant that no alcohol was served on the IBM property. This changed in 1993, when Louis Gerstner joined to lead the company. He liked the Palisades facility and often had meetings there. When he discovered that he couldn’t get a drink onsite, he ”repealed prohibition”, so that a bar was installed in the recreation center on the main floor (by the pool tables).

    I’m unsure whether you came to read Adaptive Enterprise as the result of working down a long reading list that I might have initiated in 2006, or whether you just came upon it on your own. There’s some depth behind Adaptive Enterprise in systems theory that may not be apparent to casual readers.

  2. huima sanoo:

    Wow, wouldn’t have known that without your comment here. Thanks David.

    I came to read adaptive enterprise because my colleagues became interested on Barry Devlin’s BI^2 architecture ( http://www.9sight.com/resources.htm ) , and he mentions adaptive enterprise as a concept in there. As I started to read about it from the web, it sounded like systems thinking and somewhat similar to other things related to complex theory that I got really interested and wanted to know more – hence going to the source.

    Reading it made me go wow, as it was already written in 1999 – and it already had really good insights that make more and more sense today.


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