Monocle loves Helsinki

Yesterday we read the news that besides Newsweek – which loves Finland – also Monocle seems to dig something in Finland, especially Helsinki, as they put it on the top of the list of places to live.

Don’t know what to say.

The nice thing though is that as Zurich was ranked as the second best place to live, we get to go from the best to the second best during the summer – and sample these two cities in as two lazy soon to be middle aged ( well twenty something) wanna-be hipsters can… Or then again we just kick back and just enjoy boatrides at lake Zurich and highbrow culture in well airconditioned museums – if heatwave strikes Zurich.

But back to Helsinki.

Like I’ve said for years. Helsinki is the world’s smallest metropolitan. We do not have the breadth and depth of culture and services of New York or London, but then again we do have these small shiny circles and sparkles of metropolitan life and small city life all around us.

Helsinki is definitely a nice place to live, but we do have still way to go, improve and open up. If you happen to be in Helsinki during this weekend, you are up for a treat. Today we have samba festival in the city center – and tomorrow is Helsinki-day, which includes huge pop music concert and happening all around the city. If you were to come to Helsinki during a weekend like this, you would definitely love it.

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