Vapiano is finally in Helsinki – next to railwaystation

Vapiano finally opened in Helsinki and today we went to see what the price level was – and how well would it work here. If you don’t know about the Vapiano restaurant chain, I wrote something about it last summer.

Now they have a two storey restaurant in prime location in Helsinki and from the looks of it – the concept fits quite nicely also into Helsinki landscape.

We had our regular orders of salads and bruschetta. Ceasar salad was 8 euros – and adding chicken or salmon was additional 3 euros.

As the restaurant looks and works just like in Tallinn… and some of the staff were estonian, it felt strangely familiar. Just like being in Tallinn – meaning also that you need to communicate some things in english rather than in finnish.

Next time we’ll their pasta specialities as well as pizza.

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