Hipster day in Helsinki ( Fashion Stock Sale, Restaurant Day and all sorts of different good experiences )

This is recurring theme in my blog, even though I did not decide to start to write a fashion blog. Somehow these events just find their way into our radar – and we don’t have anything better to do. Ergo – let me tell you about an quite ordinary saturday.

We jumped up and down in joy, when we heard that Fashion Stock Sale was again in Helsinki. As I had to spend friday Turku, visiting Affecto Turku-offices and spending rest of the day at Spa Hotel Caribia – we had scheduled to visit the venue this saturday.

Vanha Ylioppilastalo was once again packed with Finnish designers and importers of design clothes and accessories. And all the open spaces were filled with customers and potential customers.

Most of the usual suspects were present: Makia clothing, CTRL, Tiia Vanhatapio, Super Yellow, Costo, Dusty, Lumi and so on. We went through the place quite fast and initially felt, that somehow nothing really popped out and made me say wow. Most of the things we had already seen before – or at least they felt like it… which was a little disappointing. But then again it might have also been the crowd, which made it harder to really stop and take time to appreciate items properly – and find out what really makes them special.

Most important things we found ( and purchased ) were found from familiar designers: Chao and Eero – and Dusty.

Meeting Chao and Eero at these events in Helsinki are becoming a tradition. Though they haven’t had time to do much new designs, their collection has some beautiful items to lust for … for some time.

This time instead of rings or cufflinks, I purchased a beautiful necklace.

And I already saw some things I do have to get for Satu someday.

Yep. I am a fan of Chao’s and Eero’s work – and looking forward seeing what new ideas they can work into new products during the summer.

Dusty is insanely unknown and underrated brand in Finland, even though the designer Marjut Uotila is insanely talented and has an avantgarde taste for men’s fashion. She is also only finnish designer who has her own line at selected Topman shops.

I purchased white cotton sweater / jacket – hybrid. It is made out of soft cotton and feels like a sweater / college shirt – but is designed and cut like a suit jacket. Absolutely love it!

As we talked briefly with Marjut, se suggested that we should go to Stockmann’s to see new designs on display there in ”Young Designer” showroom. And naturally we went there.

Besides Dusty’s works there were also other well known brands on sale.

Few items made me smile.

After window shopping it was time to get lunch, which was easy and convenient to have at F8. This time we decided to try the ’home cooking’ section – ad to be honest it was not at all bad!

After lunch we took a lazy stroll down town and then to Tokoinranta.

People were spending sunny saturday by the water, playing in the parks and having picnic. How european and how nice!

Our goal was to get to Cafe Piritta.

And enjoy some refreshments in the sunshine.

We still have on our to do-list to go and try out the kitchen at Cafe Piritta. They serve everything from cupcakes and sandwiches to salads – and even heavier dishes for bigger apetite.

And talking about apetite…

Today was the first ’Restaurant day’ in Finland, during which normal people started ’illegal’ popup restaurants in unordinary places. Naturally without any permits – showing new kind of civil disobedience organized and marketed via Facebook.

Among others were Boutique gTie, which was packed!

…. did not fit in.

Around the city people had their own small cafes open to public.

This one was at Torkkelinmäki.

Everyone was smiling.

It was good saturday.

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