I (could) want free Suunto-gear too! Otherwise I might have to.. buy them myself!

I was trying to find reviews for Suunto M5 – and stumbled upon few postings where bloggers had got free M5 heart rate monitors and other stuff for nothing… except of course using those products and – a hem – writing about them. I clearly haven’t figured out this blogging thing – as I have been writing about things I love and have really invested my own time and money on.

For the past few weeks I’ve been on the market for new heart rate monitor / running computer, as Satu expressed her desire to get one too – and I’ve been wanting to get a device with GPS- and other modern features. As I wrote earlier, I did try to use Polar’s bluetooth heartrate belt and software on mobile phone, but that combination did not work as well as I hoped. Either GPS did not work properly – or bluetooth connection with the heartrate belt was spotty.

Though my Suunto T6 is old as hell, it still works like charm – which got me to take a new look into dedicated sports instruments again. Some of my friends are happy users of Garmin products, but honestly I don’t like their designs – and as a Finn I do want to support either Suunto or Polar.

As I did my preliminary research, I quickly found out that both Polar and Suunto have quite spectacular sports watches and computers. From purely aesthetic perspective I find Suunto’s devices more attractive. For example Suunto M5 looks like something you could wear every day – even in business meetings or in late night dinners.

Suunto’s T-series look really impressive too, though they do look more like sports computers. However I do like features available in T-series, even in T3c and T4d — not to mention the sports laboratory known as T6d(or T6c). EPOC-based sports coach in T4d is really good idea as well as real time display of training effect (TE). Things like those make training just a little bit more fun, and give you more datapoints and measurements to keep yourself occupied.

However choosing the right Suunto device is really problematic – as you need to check really carefully your priorities and features you need and want — and how valuable in terms of money each feature is for you. As Suunto devices do not have integrated GPS – and have different mechanisms for transferring training logs to your computer – you need to check that what accessories you need and how much will they add to the total cost. Bike pod, GPS pod, Foot pod and movestick / PC pod – for pc connectivity – can actually cost as much as some heart rate monitors do.

As I am a serious geek and fat ass hobbyist, I would seriously like to get the ultimate sport geek tool, Suunto T6d with GPS pod – and First Beat’s Athlete program to my pc. FirstBeat’s Athlete has a cornucopia of features to analyze your training log and ha s a training coach -feature, which suggests a training schedule for you – based on your EPOC-measurements. I’m already testing this with my old T6 – and so far it looks really impressive.

If I can’t make myself to buy such an expensive toy/tool, I might need to settle for T4, T3 or M5. However I can’t seem to be able to make my mind on them: M5 would be the prettiest – but lacks realtime training effect, T3 would have real time training effect display and T4 would have additionally have really cool coach features, which essentially does what FirstBeat’s pc software’s coach feature does.

Why is life so hard? Why can’t I make a decision.

Suunto T6d:http://www.suunto.com/en/products/Heart-Rate-Monitors/suunto-t6d/suunto-t6d-black-smoke/

Suunto M5: http://www.suunto.com/en/products/Heart-Rate-Monitors/suunto-m5/suunto-m5-all-black/

FirstBeat Athlete: http://www.firstbeat.fi/consumers/firstbeat-athlete

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