9 hours in Helsinki: breakfast, cake, design museum and all sorts of goody good things

Morning started at home, but we skipped the breakfast and headed downtown to eat simple breakfast at Salt & Pepper.

Porridge, bread, fruit, juice and eggs reloaded energy levels for the next pitstop….

.. which was just across the street at Kakkugalleria ( Cake gallery ).

At Kakkugalleria you can get all you can eat cake buffet for less than 12 euros.

This time we settled to just take two pieces of cake and one soda.

As our goal was to head down to Designmuseum, we strolled around the design district in Helsinki and popped in to Formwerk to see what they had to sell.

Satu describes the place as one of those shops where she could take each and every item – and find just the right place and use for it. And I concur, Forwerk has beautiful collection interesting, gorgeous and functional items.

Our biowastebasket to be…

At the Design museum we went to see two exhibitions: modern Korean design and Marimekko retrospective.

Korean exhibition was quite interesting, showing traditional artisan works – as well as bleeding edge art and design. Below is an image from ’Smart portrait’-work, which made me immediately think about the Processing -framework – which could be used to do works of art like this. Three LCD displays showed processed images taken with videocameras mounted in the wall above the displays.

There were also lots of other really cool things to see, but you do have to see them for yourself.

… this cupboard would be totally cool at home.

Marimekko exhibition told the story of Marimekko as a company as well as stories about the people behind the designs.

It was great to see all those classic prints at the same time, as well see how the nature and style of Marimekko had been developing throughout the years.

Before the exhibition I hadn’t been a fan of Marimekko, but after the exhibition I have to say that I had become fan of Armi Ratia. She had been so much ahead of her time.

After the exhibition we decided to walk down to the Marimekko -store, but decided to make few stops on the way.

First stop was restaurant Juuri’s shop, which sells local and organic groceries.

Restaurant Juuri – by the way – is a place where you can try finnish versions of tapas, called sapas.

At Marimekko -store we admired new designs and products.

…. and decided to purchase 1 meter of one beautiful new fabric.

After all the walking and admiring, we decided to take a snack time at Stockmann’s department store’s 8th floor restaurant.

Shrimp sandwich and chicken barbecue sandwich. Delicious.

If you happen to visit Stockmann’s department store in Helsinki, do also pop into the 8th floor and see all the different snack and dining possibilities, including quite nice champagne bar.

At Stockmann’s we also looked around for new overcoat as well as stylish bags for my everyday use. Unfortunately decent leather bags – which suited my style – were priced a little outside my budget, around 600 euros.

Similarly as we walked around the city, I finally managed to find decent overcoat – but found out that it too, would cost almost 450 euros. Okay I do have to say that that coat would last 5 to 10 years, and it was made by Tiger of Sweden — so it is stylishly classic and contemporary at the same time. But.. But…

After window shopping we headed down to Hakaniemi music theater, where we went to see musical ”Ilon kautta!”.

Not to overstate, but it felt that we were among the only few less than 35 years old there – when most of the audience was closer to 70 years old. The show was fun, mixing together a strange combination of hits throughout the years with new lyrics suited for the show. Songs included among others: Michael Jackson’s Bad, Dire Strait’s money for nothing, Marillion’s old hit from 1980’s Kayleigh and last but not least, Timewarp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

After the show it was time to eat again – which meant heading back to the city center, and oh so familiar König for the traditional three course dinner with champagne.

9 hours away from home and a whole lot of great new experiences gained.

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  1. daviding sanoo:

    @huima Your lazy day in downtown Helsinki reminds me of time that my wife and I used to have together … before we had kids! We may get to that state again, someday.

    I hadn’t heard of sapas as Finnish tapas, before.


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