Trip to the countryside

From time to time it is so nice to go to the countryside.

You get a chance to take a trip down the memory lane and experience things not available in the city.

Like …

Classic games.

This was at Kuninkaantie ABC gas station. A true gem from 1998.

… and real open spaces..

.. rustic architecture…

… and ability to smoke your own fish on your backyard!

Because of the easter time you also have to try the traditional delicatessen: mämmi.

And after mämmi you get invited to the real festive table for a feast for your taste buds as well as to your eyes.

Main course was lamb with garlic potatoes – and all sorts of extra ingredients, including side dishes of pork.

And after all the eating, it is time to get some coffee.. and eat some more.

For those few history buffs out there, these are photos of old alcohol bottles used in Finland.

R in the bottom of the bottle meant that the bottle contained ”Rähinäviina” … Alcohol which made you agressive and caused all sorts of fights.

When the night comes, and there is nothing else to do…

You can play old games, like Tricky Golf.

Drink champagne and eat chocolate.

Play some more..

And then eat some more..

After all that eating it sounds like a good idea to go for a walk in the nature..

See places where people used to live ..

.. and see that those areas are now habitat for other creatures..

After excessive amounts of fresh air it is a good idea to eat some more…

Burning sausages is a national pastime in open flames.

… and if you keep your eyes open, you might spot first instances of mushrooms and flowers pushing through towards the air.

… after which it is about the time to get back to the base and eat once again.

As we got back home, we had to go out for a run.

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  1. daviding sanoo:

    @huima Your series of photos and captions on the weekend trip to the Finnish countryside elicited chuckles from me. It rings true to me, even though I’ve spent most of my time in the city.


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