Coaching self organizing teams-course in Helsinki on 5.4.2011 by Joseph Pelrine

Joseph Pelrine is coming to Helsinki and is going to do a public Coaching self organizing teams-course.

If you liked Joseph’s talk at Scan Agile 2011 ”Turning up the heat –
techniques for self-organizing teams”, then now it is your chance to
get a full day course on the same subject with more time to get into
exercises and get more into practical details.

Price is – for very limited time, until 23.3.2011 – only 600 euros, and after that
750 euros.

Send me an email to ( if you want to register to the course.

If you haven’t seen Joseph talk about the subject, you can see his 1 hour talk from 2009 online:

Kategoria(t): business, technology. Lisää kestolinkki kirjanmerkkeihisi.


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