Sometimes advertisers are spot on on something: acoustic blues version of Ace of Spades

I am one of those sad dickheads, who grew up listening to heavy metal and still regards Lemmy Kilmister as the next to or one before god. Though there has been numerous other god’s of rock’n’roll who sooner or later have retired to the land of mortals and started to play golf, buy old mansions or fly big airplanes to evacuate stranded travelers from middle east. Lemmy on the other hand has always been just been Lemmy, still doing the only thing he is 100% qualified for.

Kronenberger 1664 had commissioned Motörhead to do a slower pace, acoustic version of Ace of Spades – which might sound like an impossible task knowing the energy of the song, but then again after few iterations a beautiful blues song emerges.

On word: brilliant.

Hilarious moments from the making of:

On the other news.

This Motörhead christmas single made me remember the movie, Eat the Rich:

I wonder whether I could rent that classic from somewhere.

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