Small piece of St. Petersburg in Helsinki… St. Peter line party at the Circus

There is a large travel exhibition happening in Helsinki and last night we participated to a party at the Circus nightclub organized by St. Peter Line’s and XXXX bars from St. Petersburg. The event was called:” Torn off Balls Party ” — which should have been enough clue, but we still decided to have a go and go in.

And boy what a party it was.

Apparently dancer is a synonym in St. Petersburg for a stripper – as all the dance shows during the evening where closer to stripping than dancing. But then again I assume it is next to impossible to dance with such high heels.

Similarly it was fun to see that classic promotional techniques of selling vodka and tequila shots from between large breasted girl’s breasts’ are making a comeback.

Also there is no better way to get the party started and keep it going than have skimpy dressed girls dancing on the bars and on the stage.

And if the atmosphere gets a little down, you could get girls to dance with pyrotechnics.

And if that does not work, you can get a past star to do a playback song as a surprise gig. This time it was Marie from Roxette singing Sleeping In My Car.


It was surreal.

But apparently these XXXX Bars are popular. Videos were projected to a large screen above the stage about all the XXX bar empire bars in St. Petersburg – describing what kind of specialities and wild parties each place caters… in three languages: russian, english and finnish. I’m not sure what the language was like in russian, but translations to english and finnish were more than hilariously strange.

All and all it was a party to remember and something you don’t see every night.

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