Sending emails is hard – examples of fail from American Express, Cityshopperi and Elixia

In just few weeks of time I have had the pleasure of being in the receiving end of email failures from companies.

First one came from American Express, which did a mass emailing to lure new users for it’s excellent credit cards.

American Express – or amex – as it is known among friends, is well known and respected brand around the world — and it seems that someone forgot that exen though they might talk internally about or… neither of these sites are American Express sites. And the main link in their email pointed to Interestingly is a site about a company also working in the financing sector….

Cityshopperi is a well known local discount card, providing a valuable service to consumers via discount shopping opportunities. Yesterday they had an interesting problem in their emailing, sending first mass email intended to be sent in August – not in November. Few hours later they finally got to send the real newsletter, dated to November. This accident was unintentionally funny especially as it discussed about summer being over and autumn setting in… while at the same time we had first really freezing cold weather here in Helsinki.

Third double whammy came from Elixia – local fitness club we have been hanging out. First local representative sent email with all the receivers in the to-field, therefore visible to everyone else. That is not so bad, it happens to everyone once in a while. Second mistake was to send a second message later on, which had a directly forwarded email from their head of sales – giving instructions on how to send email and pep talking each representative to make their sales quota this month.

So the lesson is, that even though sending emails is fast and easy – you should be careful.

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