Flashing your N900 – not that bad experience

Yesterday I tried to reinstall MobileHotspot, which stopped to work after latest OS update. I did uninstall and got to install Power Kernel, when my N900 decided that it was a better idea to get stuck in the boot phase.

Naturally I was terrified and went to look for information online about how to undestroy my phone back to life.

Luckily instructions were readily available:



Actual data was available from:



These days they have flashers available for OS X, Linux and Windows – so you do not need a Windows box to flash your device back to life.

Even though user experience in resetting the device back to the factory settings was far away from Apple’s ease of use ( click in iTunes – restore to factory settings ), instructions were clear and required only typing few commands on the command line. Though I don’t want to be forced to flash my device again anytime soon, this experience left me much more openminded to try Meego on my device in the future – as I can quite easily get back to the original Maemo device, even without dual boot.

N900 is a real computer, that is for sure. It is not a consumer device like iPhone, but with little work ( or … actually with a lot of good, hard and dedicated work ) Nokia’s mobile computers could be both in the future.

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