Trying to get fit again

I’ve become face to face with the reality that I will not be immortal nor young forever, and to keep up in the world I will need to also take care of my physique much more carefully than before. I have honestly thought that I am in good or ok shape, though I have only kept up my training by having short runs every now and then. But it is blatantly clear that I don’t move enough, as most of my days are spent in front of computer – crouched in a chair in bad posture.

Now I’m back at the gym, trying to get stamina and power back to the levels before, but it will require a lot of work. This week I’ve been visiting local Elixia gym almost every day – and trying to see whether I could fit regular gym membership and practice into my normal work schedule. I know that I am such a lazy ass person, when it comes to physical training, that this has been my stumbling block every time. I have got excited about training, but when work schedule or projects have got in the way – it has usually been the gym or regular runs, which have been thrown out from my calendar.

Now I’ve tried to start it rather slow and do small practices, get them into my daily routine and see whether I could have a sustainable training pace, which could be continued for months and years. To do a small morning practice before work or lunch practice before quick lunch during the day are things I am testing now. I managed to get one month test membership at Elixia for 15 euros, and another one for 10 euros in Forever fitness center little bit further away from our home – so I have time and opportunity to test gym training again for few months without making yet any commitments.

So far I feel quite positive. I’ve spent already 6 hours this week in different sports and feel energetic, though at the same time my muscles remind me constantly how sore they are.

Lets see how I feel at the end of the month.

… and how I feel when the year changes.

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