Way too happy new iPad user

I had a serious discussion with myself as I was visiting Alfresco Developer Conference in Paris and argued pro and against going to the Apple Store at Louvre and getting myself an iPad. Eventually reason won, and I went and got one. And boy I would have kicked myself if I hadn’t. This device is just way too perfect for my use cases!

Immediately in the Apple Store I transferred some PDF files via Mobile Me to the iBooks to be able to read then on my way back to the hotel. Protected in a thick leather binder the iPad was just like a book and reading it during short trips and waits proved to be just as easy and comfortable as I had imagined. Compared to laptops – even sub note laptops – usability differences are huge. While reading I have no use for keyboard, so tablet like iPad is just excellent.

At the airport I installed GoodReader from the AppStore and transferred multiple PDF books from my laptop via USB-cable to the device, efficiently loading enough entertainment and information to keep me occupied during the waits at the airport and during the flight. Usability is par none and changing the device from landscape mode to portrat mode works really well, especially compared to my N900 – which seems to change the mode all the time when I don’t want it to do that… for example when trying to answer to the phone.

For 499 euros iPad is an expensive device, but then again there is no real competition. I had a serious discussion with myself about the new Macbook Air, but realized that for media consumption and e-book reading the iPad is superb device – and now in the short timescale I have most use for device just like an iPad. I will be getting and using a proper work laptop again soon, but then again I will not be taking laptop out from a bag to read ebooks during short metro and tram trips, where as with iPad I can do that and will do that.

iPad is a great device and definitely will change the way people consume media on the go, no questions about it. As you know, I am already keenly searching for good content applications to be used while commuting and while being offline. I would really like to see for example The Economist to be distributed straight to my iPad, rather than wait for the paper copy to arrive. And I would be really really happy for Safari O’Reilly application that would allow taking few books for offline reading from the library subscription.

I already purchased Feeddler Pro to read Google Reader RSS-feeds offline. Synching my subscriptions to iPad takes only a snap and then I have headlines and abstracts from most of the services I follow ready to go. From really good services I get the whole content via the feed, which makes reading stuff on the go even more pleasant.

Next thing is to setup Evernote and select which GTD application to use in the future.

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  1. David Ing sanoo:

    @huima So, you’ve gone over to the dark side with the new iPad. Since you’re a real developer, I guess you should have an excuse for joining the crowd. For me, I’ll continue to see if I can hold out until an equivalent technology on a more open platform becomes available.

    Yes, I gave up on the Creative Zen MP3 player after new models became unavailable in Canada, and succumbed to the iPod 3G … and then immediately figured out how to jailbreak the device. Nice hardware, and while I don’t use the jailbreak extensively, there are ways that I want to use the device that Apple hasn’t approved.

  2. huima sanoo:

    Good point David.

    I did take a thorough look at this issue through usability, my use cases and lifespan of the product. Best competitor for iPad I had in my mind was the Kindle, which also was a closed environment. Competing Android tablets are still only in the pipeline, not readily available in the stores – and prices are estimated to be higher than for the iPad. In terms of price iPad is twice the price of cheapest Kindle, but then again it is way more usable in multiple ways.

    I am not going to invest much money into applications or content in iPad, unless it opens a lot and that content is available also in other systems. However for me it is a clear incentive to consider making a subscription to a magazine, if I get it also delivered to my iPad and can read it while offline during commutes.

    I don’t see iPad as a computer, but rather as a consumer device – like a microwave oven. It will do some specific tasks really well, and that is what it is good for. Software solutions and web applications naturally will open up lots of future uses for an iPad, but I don’t lose my sleep over it as I have purchased iPad for the features it already has.

    Related content: excellent article about why an author returned iPad http://blogs.hbr.org/bregman/2010/06/why-i-returned-my-ipad.html

    And yes, I do want to see more open options available too in the future.

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