Things you see: nature, design market and food!

I am an exceptionally happy fellow these days as I see such a great things around me every single day.

On friday we went for a walk in beautiful, crispy autumn weather and saw beautiful scenery around our neighborhood.

Dead calm in the Puotila bay area.

Swimmers in almost freezing water.

Pittoresque small boat marina restaurant / cafeteria, where we had blueberry pie in the candle light to balance all the calories lost while walking.

On saturday we spotted probably the only mobile bakery in Europe parked in Kamppi.

We purchased few karelian pies from the bus…

.. and immediately regretted that we did not purchase more. My god those were exceptionally tasty! Baked with real butter, salt and exceptional traditional skills! The crust was thin and crispy, filling greasy and salty — making the taste experience something I had not experienced before. Immediately I felt that all the other karelian pies I have eaten have been far inferior and these things must be close to the definition of the real thing, before food giants with their processed foods factories and health officials ruined our traditional foods.

On saturday I visited the design market at Korjaamo with David Ing.

The event was a small testament to how small the world is, as we bumped into familiar people we had not seen for some time. First there was Päivi Brunou, old colleague of mine, and thesedays primus motor behind lovely crafts concepts as Peikonpoika and Beloved.

And then there was innovation activist Tuula Antola, founder of Kaipaus.

In the design market itself most of the usual suspects were present, though clothes, furniture and other larger products were totally missing. People were mostly presenting jewelry, accessories, pouches and other small items. As the space in Korjaamo is much smaller than the cable hall at the cable factory it was probably a good idea, however it also meant that there was nothing for me to buy.

Though there were some really cool things I hadn’t yet seen in real life.

Nutty Tarts became really famous for their hairy underwear collection.

Just lovely!

At Töölö bay area I saw something funny that I hadn’t noticed before.

The sign says ’Midget cage fighting arena’.

Don’t know who had the idea to put that sign up there, but it is just brilliant. Shows that people can make their own interpretations of art!

And then there was this: pyttipannu at Zetor!

Every now and then you just got to get back to the roots and eat something exceptionally unhealthy, but so good that it has your mouth salivating even as you just try to remember the meal. These days I have a quota of one pyttis per season or otherwise these few thousands of calories would cumulate on to my waistline much faster than now.

And to be honest, these days I do also prefer lighter foods – like the salmon salad we had on friday.

Fresh bread, salmon salad and some sparkling wine to drink. What more could you want from a lazy evening?

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  1. daviding sanoo:

    @huima Thanks for showing me Korjaamo. I’m not a big shopper, yet I enjoy seeing local markets.

    I’m still thinking about the saltiness of the fried Baltic herring at Zetor. I think that the fish itself might have otherwise been fine, so this recipe isn’t one that will win Finland many awards.


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