The Unthinkable – ethics and misunderstandings

Torture is wrong. Period.

Bending the definition of right and wrong is slippery slope, as there is no soft torture – or if there were, where would be it’s limits? Would those limits be pushed if the soft torture would not work? Yes, in this, I am definitely a moral absolutist and torturing is wrong.

The Unthinkable is a a movie about this slippery slope and different interpretations of ethics, but doesn’t do it’s job really well as comments made in Amazon will tell you. 24 and Jack Bauer has already spoiled people’s minds.

The same movie can be interpreted in so many different ways that it is entertaining to read people rant about it.

It is amazing that people are brainwashed to justify concepts like just war and torture – and still try to stay on moral high ground. Wars are fought for silly reasons as well as for money and profits, people are killed and tortured for evil reasons.

There are no moral high grounds in there.

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