At the Design Museum: OIva Toikka & Helsinki Fashion Photo

We had the pleasure to visit the design museum in Helsinki this saturday and see two great exhibitions besides the normal historical exhibition constantly present at the museum.

Oiva Toikka is the man behind some of the most famous art glass pieces known in Finland, as well as creator of some well known and beloved items in everyday use. It was such a pleasure to see retrospective into his career and get your mind blown at the same time with all those beautiful objects that you did not even know existed.

Picture above is not from the exhibition, it is just a beam covered in museum’s entrance ticket stickers – which visitors decided to leave there. It is a shame that taking photographs was prohibited, but then again simple photographs do not make justice to the experience of seeing those objects in three dimensions and see how light reflects from them. Honestly, some of the pieces there felt magical and absolutely beautiful.

Exhibition is still open on sunday, so go there – if you are in Helsinki.

The other exhibition was Fashion Photo Helsinki.

Located in the downstairs of the museum it showed a cavalcade of fashion photographs by Daniela Talvitie, shot in Helsinki with finnish models wearing finnish haute couture.

It rocked.

It was just so great to see these amazing photos taken in all so familiar places, and see also some of those clothes at the exhibition. I was immediately thinking and deconstructing images in my mind, wondering what kind of lights were used, where they were positioned and how could I do it on my own. If you are a photographer or fashionista, then you will get something from this small exhibition – I guarantee it.

In the regular exhibition you can see beloved finnish design items throughout the ages, including some very contemporary things like Genelec loudspeakers, designed by Harri Koskinen.

And in the museum shop you can see how paper dolls have changed from 1955 ..

.. to 2010 …

Go there and see it for yourself.

For 8 euros you get a lot, if you have an open mind and eye for interesting things.

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  1. daviding sanoo:

    @huima I’ll be in Helsinki a week too late to see this exhibition, unfortunately. My read of the program tells me that I won’t be around long enough for the new show, so if I go, I’ll only see the permanent exhibits.

  2. huima sanoo:

    @david: The permanent exhibition is rather small, so if there is no other exhibition going on at that time – I rather suggest seeing something else.

    For example if you haven’t been to the Helsinki City Museum – it is always interesting place to visit, as it puts the history of Helsinki into a timeline and shows how quickly the modern developments in this city have been and how modest the roots were. After visit there you understand also Finland better, our long history between Sweden and Russia – and how it has affected the finnish psyche.

    For me it was great to see all those artefacts from centuries ago – and to understand and be able to value better all the everyday luxuries we have these days, as only a century ago this city was a whole different town all together and life of it’s citizens was completely different.

    So, really good permanent exhibition in three floors.


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