Lazy sunday: short run, salmon in the oven and drinks with friends

Lazy sunday is a great concept. Today we celebrated it by practicing some hobbies, cleaning up the apartment and having some great time with friends. Satu’s sister visited us and Satu designed a remarkably cool new purse for her. After that a friend of ours came to dinner, and girls prepared a great feast: oven salmon and mashed potatoes.

While the meal was cooking, I did a small running practice – testing how far I could move myself in 12 minutes. 2500 meters was a small disappointment, but that is just an indicator that I have let myself go and are not in shape anymore, even though the result is well in the ’good result’ bracket for my age group.

Food was delicious and for desserts we tried to recreate drinks we had at Shaker.

We came close.

All the ingredients were the same, but we put too much milk into the blender. But next time we make them just perfect.

We also made new acquaintance.

Cafe de Paris was not at all bad sparkling wine.

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