Improvised Daim Anne

Daim Anne is apparently well known drink in Finland, except that we hadn’t drank it before yesterday. Today we tried to improvise the recipe on our own, even though we could have found it via google in no time.

Our own version was actually better, more suitable to be served as a dessert:

0,5 litres of icecream

just a little milk

3 cl of mint liquor

1 bag of Daim candies

End product is thick and sweet drink like milkshake, with a small taste of mint in it.

Just perfect to be served as a dessert for two persons.

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  1. Hi,

    just wanted to let you know that the site has changed since you posted the ”Daim Anne” recipe, so the link on your site is currently wrong, the correct link is:

    We´ve changed to wordpress since the old ”write code for every page yourself” system didn´t work anymore when the site grew bigger..;)

    Head Bartender


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