Gringos Locos graded now to: ”just ok”

Yesterday was our third meal in Gringos Locos and now I am quite confident to re-review the restaurant, and downgrade it to ”just ok” level. This is not a bad thing, but just reflects the fact that food in the place is more or less based on one trick – adding strong chili to foods. Quality of foods is ok, materials are ok – but tastes are nothing spectacular, except for strong and burning chili sauces.

Regular prices for dishes are in the 15- 27 euros range, which put prices on par with other regular restaurants. Better tastes and value for money – though – can be got from other places, without the chili though. However with little effort you can make same dishes at home if you buy some strong chili sauces on your own.

Chili steak

Chili steak was served with small amount of vegetables and creamy potatoes. Tastes were really bland, except for the chili sauce.

Special steak

Special steak was better, having combination of bacon and onion rings to bring more taste into the dish. Sauce was also good, quite strong – but not as burning as with chili steak.

Chili milkshake

From desserts chili milkshake was interesting combination. Smooth taste of regular milkshake was combined with the burning sensation of chili. Nice.

So all and all Gringos Locos is nice place to visit, if you want to have chili in your food. Otherwise it is just like a regular texmex-place without anything special in dishes, the place itself or in the quality of the food. Having said that, I will visit the place a couple more times to try some stronger tasting chili dishes. However I will not have longer relationship with the place, as for example La Famiglia has much better value for money and more interesting tastes with pseudo italian cuisine.

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  1. Mikael Gueck sanoo:

    It was probably just the company that was different.


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