New photo gear – I’m so excited!

Some of the necessary gear I ordered arrived already, and I am so excited to have a chance during the weekend to use them. Many of these items were not at all expensive and I am already quite surprised about the quality and ease of use they bring to the life, now that I have them to help me. And as always, I did my purchases on Ebay and DealExtreme.

Surprisingly helpful addition to my camera gear has been a simple battery grip for my DSLR. It immediately made holding the camera easier and juice from two normal batteries keep me going for hours and hours. Lastolite’s EzyBalance, tool to help to set the white balance in your photographs was another small – but strategic addition to the toolbox. Small frame folds into a small pouch and is easy to carry with you to almost anywhere. No longer selecting white balance by hand or by your own feeling, but having the right color in a flash.

Most visible impact by far however, brings the small softbox I got for my speedlite flashguns. It absolutely rocks. I was blown away by the quality of the light diffusion produced by such a knock off product. In a quick test shoot with Youngnuo flash gun the light was set beautifully to the model’s face and I could have sweared that the image looked just like a good quality magazine portrait.

I’m still waiting for my swivel head umbrella holders and umbrellas to arrive, so that I could try out proper lighting techniques even at home. But even before those arrive I will be having a blast with the softbox.

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