Helsinki Design Week: Design Market at Cable Factory

Sunday, fashionable sunday. Today was time for design market at the cable factory. ( )

The whole merikaapelihalli was resereved for numerous different merchants selling cool design items. On the second floor you could also find small photography exhibition and additional designers in Made By -lounge, where selected people who were also selling their items through Made By -portal were showing their items in 11 small showrooms.

All the usual suspects where there and also some new acquaintances, so coming to see the market was a worth while effort – especially as we made some really good purchases in discounted prices.

Thing I liked most was Smiley face -ring I finally dared to purchase.

I blogged about Chao & Eero before – when they were exhibiting their products at Helsinki Fashion Stock. Smiley face stuck in my mind and I knew I had to get it now.

Their tables seemed to be quite busy, and no wonder as their creations are so good.

Another place where we just had to make purchases was Makia clothing’s section. Makia is a funny clothing lable, combining sometimes really minimalistic designs and good fabrics into clothes that fit you extremely good and just feel damn nice. Though manufacturing is/can be outsourced to abroad, quality seems to be consistent and good. At design market Makia was selling old models in discounted prices. I got two really nice, snug hoodies. ( Poor quality picture of me wearing one of those here. )

I really like brands which can combine fresh design and ideas into products that are also comfortable and usable. Makia’s clothes fit that category. They feel snug, comfortable and have great structure. You feel good wearing them, they look good and you feel comfortable. There really is no better value proposition in fashion.

We also got really nice plates for cocktail parties. Design is just perfect for holding plate in one hand, and keeping your wine glass in place at the same time in it’s own hole.

All sorts of accessories were hot items, or we just happened to stumble upon to them all the time. Numerous designers were doing their adaptations of familiar ideas, using also second hand materials from old toys and clothes.

Wood also got new forms and textures in the hands of competent designers. These printed storage boxes were beautiful and the wooden lamp was just a piece of art… and also priced in that way to 300 euros.

It was to be at the Cable factory and see all those inspiring people, showing their creations and putting their touches in places.

So nice to see so much talent in one place.

Sorry if you missed the market, but hopefully you will catch it the next year!

See the whole set at Flickr:

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