Jersey Shore – rock bottom TV, can’t stop watching train wreck happening!

I finally get it. This is just a mandatory step on our way getting live death matches to TV and see the ideals of human values flushed down the toilet for economic gain and cheap entertainment.

Do not get me wrong. Jersey Shore is captivating television, it is like train wreck happening in front of your eyes. And you can’t blame the actors and actresses either, they are primed and encouraged to behave in certain way. They are like test animals in cruel social experiment… for someone else’s economic gain.

And there are so many interesting business opportunities and media opportunities around this phenomena to be exploited before the concept wears out, just like it has done with other shows. But just because you can or could, should you?

But then again. Didn’t Nassim Taleb write that;

”The characteristic feature of the loser is to bemoan mankind’s flaws, biases, & irrationality –without exploiting them for fun and profit.”

I disagree with Nassim Taleb.

Nassim Taleb’s attitude is about being a freerider in the society instead of being a builder of society. It is about exploitation, not about progress.

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