Don’t start believing

After seeing really stupid hockus pockus balance bracelet-crap a’la PowerBalance land on the shelves of local kiosks I had to ask whether the sanity of our society is starting to crumble. Quacks and other crap-peddlers used to stay in bay in Finland as government officials from consumer agency were quick to drive dangerous and not working products out from the market.

But these days it seems that ’nature medicine’ , ’alternative treatments’ and ’paranormal beliefs’ are becoming more and more mainstream – and no-one seems to mind. People are so open minded that they tolerate insanity and crackpots – giving them also bit by bit more legitimacy. And sooner than later these placebo-products have permanent places right next to legitimate products from respectable brands.

I wrote to the retailer asking why they are selling products that claim much, but have no proofs nor no sane descriptions on how or why their products would/should work. Anecdotal evidence and celebrity endorsement do not cut it. Retailer responded to queries that they are not responsible for selling placebo-products — that customer can purchase them if they believe in them — they were just providing opportunities to make a sale.

Just the other day large tabloid paper made one page story about these bracelets, having once again human interest aspect with reporter testing the product. Even though reporter did not see any performance gain from the product, he wrote only lukewarm article which did not clearly condemn and say it out loud that these products do not work – just that some people feel that they get something from using the product. Additionally writing that there is no science behind these products and repeating some mystical phrases from the marketing – these journalists are actually conspirators in misleading marketing and leading gullible people to the slaughterhouse.

Oh what the world we live in. And oh what people are willing to do to get their daily dollars.

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