Summer day in Helsinki

Have I said previously that I think Helsinki is a really nice place to live?

Here is another small photo journey of few hours spent in the city.

Metro in Helsinki is really safe and clean, compared to some other transportation methods around the world.

Our metro system connects the city center to the eastern suburbs, and in the future also onwards to the west – all the way to the Espoo.

This week heatwave has struc to Helsinki and provided beautiful weather for all. That has also meant that people have had to find cooling, comfort and protection from sun in any place they can. Shopping centers with proper air conditioning might provide a coole breeze if you have had enough sun. But as it sucks to be inside during lovely weather, people usually flock to parks to enjoy the weather and to cool down in shadows.

Oasis in the city


Espa - kiosk


If it is evening.. and still too hot. You can get a limo ride an airconditioned restaurant.


As Helsinki is a city by the sea, the best way to understand and value the city is to see it also from the sea.

With public transportation ticket you can get a ferry ride to Sveaborg island right outside the city center.

And if you happen to be there at the right time. You get to see something quite remarkable.


At Kustaanmiekka ferries going and coming from Stockholm pass the Sveaborg fortress by just twenty or so meters.

You could almost touch the ship.

It is a ten storey building, sailing to the sea.

And a terrace with a view.

Another ferry. Seen from a beach.

The island and fortress there are part of Unesco world heritage, so there is also lots to see for history buffs.

As well as to people who like pretty things.

.. on sunny days temperature inside ice cream booth can easily climb up to 50 celsius. So when visiting the island, do buy some ice cream.

And when you are ready to leave…

Next ferry will come to pick you up..

And bring another batch of people to the island.

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  1. daviding sanoo:

    @huima I’m not sure that I’ve ever been in Helsinki in July. I have been in the area in early June and in late August. The daylight has been long on those visits, but presumably not quite as in July.


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