Helsinki by the sea

As a native it is sometimes refreshing to see your home town with new eyes and play a tourist.

Today we took a sightseeing cruise from the market square to see Helsinki from the sea. 1,5 hour cruise took us around small islands and shores of Helsinki. Definitely something to recommend to anyone and everyone on a beautiful day. From a small cruise you can see how multifaceted city Helsinki is and how much we love nature.

First views are not encouraging….


But soon you will see places where people pay hundreds of thousands of euros to live.

Beautiful villas:

You get to see beautiful islands:

And saunas:

Naturally there are other interesting things to see too:

.. like tallest building in Helsinki.

Seen far, far away.

Our icebreakers:

Narrow channel(s):


Signs of urban natives:

Sporty natives:

… and of course just the nature itself:

…. then you also get to see the downsides of urban planning and development.

As you come back to the market square, you hopefully appreciate Helsinki just a little bit more – and understand why we love this city.

From time to time you might bump into some famous people in Helsinki.

Like Paul Allen.

His yacht was spotted today in Helsinki.

After maritime view of Helsinki, it is good to get above the roofs of city center – and head over to the Ateljee bar at hotel Torni. From there you can admire the city center and have a view to the sea from the 14 th floor.

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