What do you get in Helsinki for little over 30 euros?

Would you believe if I said you could get two salmon salads, two glasses of wine, two dessers and three glasses of sparkling wine? Neither would I, but that is what happened yesterday.

Yesterday we dined at Sokos Hotel Albert’s restaurant Fransmanni and ate quite delicious salmon salads.

With Cityshopper-card we got two salads for the price of one, and also got two glasses of wine for the price of one as the waiter made first a small mix up and brought a red wine though white wine was requested. As he had already poured it into the glass, he decided to just give it away to us – which naturally was really nice. Even though the salad first felt really small – at least in terms of how much fish it had ( compared to the ravintola Piha ) – in the end the salad was really good, balancing nicely salmon, shrimps and large selection of different greens.

For desser our intention was to go to the Cafe Stringberg, but unfortunately it was already about to close, so they did not serve any cakes or tee anymore. Therefore we had to go to Amarillo, which definitely was not even our second or third choice, but proved to be just right for that occasion. With the same Cityshopper-card we got two dessers for the price of one and also took advantage of their day long happy hour offer, glass of sparkling wine for 2,50.

I feared for the worst for the sparkling wine, but was pleasantly surprised as it was nothing horrible – and actually quite pleasant. Definitely not something I would buy from Alko for myself if I wanted to treat myself with something good, but ok wine to drink while discussing and waiting for our dessers to arrive.

Icecream, whipped cream and marshmallows…. And just delicious chocolate brownie with ice cream.

Straight from the fridge and microwave, but still really good.

All and all really pleasant and economically sensible dining out.

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