Mount Everest – Nepalese restaurant at Rautatientori

Mount Everest is located right next to the railway station, which can be a curse and a blessing. At the same time lots of people are traveling by and might pop in for a lunch or for dinner, but at the same time the atmosphere around the place is quite unruly as busses are driving by and everyone is on their way to somewhere. We decided to pop in to Mount Everest on the same day as Wolrd Village festival was in the Helsinki, meaning even more people walking around the city center.

Our selection was ’Special Menu 2’ – which proved to be quite good selection of something for everyone. As we left the place one hour later, we could not have asked more – nor could we have ate any more.

Dinner started with small selection of chicken tikka.

Then came lamb in tandori sauce and spinach balls with cream sauce.

For dessert some kind of icecream / sorbet and Nepalese tea.

No single dish was absolutely mind blowing, but everything worked brilliantly together and we were definitely happy to have visited the place.

Oh. And once again. Two for the price of one. Just excellent.

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